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Case Study: Analyzing untapped revenue opportunities (CPH-VIE route)


As other European airports, Vienna has enjoyed two years of extremely successful business operations. Interestingly, passenger traffic on the route CPH-VIE has increased more slowly than in the rest of the market.

According to our estimations, this route has the potential to attract traffic amounting to circa 7.000 additional passengers each month. The most suitable carrier to fit into the CPH-VIE needs to have a well-planned strategy to be able to avoid wing-to-wing competition with current players.

Our Analytic Team pinpointed a number of potential carriers which could start operating profitably in the route. The analysis focused on airlines’ reaction to competition, their overall price strategy, connectivity and level of price volatility.


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Case Study: The Norwegian Bet


Norwegian low-cost long-haul strategy is daring and it is still making the news. Just like many others we have wondered how the carrier has performed when it comes to revenue.

Our Analytic Team has investigated Norwegian’s performance looking at the route London Gatwick (LGW) – New York J.F.K. (JFK). What’s more, we analysed the impact that Norwegian’s operations on LGW-JFK are having on the market, specifically on the demand for the route London Heathrow-New York J.F.K.


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From Big Airfare Data to Competitive Insight. Where to start??


Data is the new oil, and when it comes to Big Data this is even more true. All industries are working hard to leverage the power of this resource and the aviation industry is no exception. However, only the right combination of Big Airfare Data and adequate data visualisation can lead to actual insight.

Where do we start when we want to make sure the insight we get can support strategic and tactic decision making? From high quality airfare information.

In the aviation business no single airfare data source contains full information. As airfare data coming from different sources are not easily combined, the choice of the data becomes critical.
Within this white paper we analyse different types of airfares looking at the three dimensions of information quality: transparency, consistency and accuracy.


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How to leverage the Power of Volatility when assessing Route Potential


Volatility is the measure of price fluctuations across all collected fares. Airports can take advantage of information on airfare volatility in several ways.
Measuring volatility is particularly useful when developing price scenarios, which in turn are needed to thoroughly evaluate the earning potential of any route. Furthermore, together with price information, volatility can be used to provide a strong indication of the strategies used by airlines.

Discover how Airports can leverage information on price volatility to better assess the potential of routes and build more complete cases for airline prospects.

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Case Study: NUE-LHR Route Potential


The aim of this case study is to analyse British Airways’ business opportunities for the route Nuremberg (NUE) – London Heathrow (LHR).
As the route can be classified as a feeder route, we have considered the overall traffic flow from NUE via LHR to transatlantic destinations, as well as, the direct traffic flow.


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WEBINAR: Predicting the future from Historical KPIs


Historical airfare data can reveal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide valuable insight into the profit potential of existing or future routes.

In this webinar we will discuss:

How historical fare can be analyzed to reveal important KPIs
• How these KPIs can lead to more profitable Pricing and RM practices
• How to identify the Routes where aircrafts can be profitably deployed

The Webinar has been designed and run jointly by INFARE and ATN in November 2016.


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