Backend Developer or Senior Backend Developer – Big Data

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania) OR Copenhagen (Denmark)


At INFARE, we are not happy if we simply achieve our goals, we want to blow them out of the water!
We want to get ahead of the scaling curve, so we can deliver even better solutions, with minimal technical debt and continue to be the leading competitive airfare intelligence provider.

To accomplish our goals we will be hiring an experienced Backend Developer or Senior Backend Developer who will join our development team.

You will join a team of 15 people consisting of Developers, Architects, Designers and Product Managers based in Copenhagen and Vilnius.


Skills and Requirements

  • Strong experience with BOTH a JVM Language (Java or Scala) and C#.Net, as we use both JVM and .Net in production
  • Experience working with multithreaded applications
  • Experience in writing SQL
  • Understanding of the workings of NoSql databases
  • Understanding of the microservice architecture of the systems
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken


It will be considered a Plus

  • Understanding of the basics of Big Data and related Technologies (Hadoop/Spark/Kafka)
  • Understanding of teh concepts of data streaming, data pipelines and ETL’s
  • Knowledge of Python/Bash/PowerShell
  • Previous experience with Docker
  • Previous experience with Amazon AWS


Nevertheless, your attitude will be your most important asset.
You assume responsibility that goes beyond normal expectations. You are a team player able to understand that we both succeed and fail as a team, even if it requires you to put in a bit more effort to get the task done just right.
You should be pro-active and self-motivated with excellent time management skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.


How to apply

Send your application and CV to indicating the position you are applying for in the Object of the email.
We will be reviewing applications continuously.


Senior Data Scientist

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania) OR Copenhagen (Denmark)


We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist for our Data Platform Team who appreciates great challenge and learning opportunities!

Our data platform is going through exciting transformation, with Apache Spark-fuelled machine learning and analytics being the foundation of our products.


Skills and Requirements

  • Be a team player, as it is always about the team
  • Be curious and self-motivated
  • Actively look for new improvements, as the best solutions come from within
  • Always want to learn new technologies, as all technologies are welcome if they improve our systems
  • Not afraid of working with hundreds of gigabytes (or even terabytes) of data


Sound Experience at least with some of the following

  • Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Classification
  • Spark, MLlib, SparkML, SparkSql
  • Python (ScikitLearn, NumPy, SciPy, PySpark, others)
  • R (e1071, randomForest, glmnet, SparkR, others)
  • Sql, Hive, Hadoop


Your Tech Stack

  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Classification
  • Spark
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL


It will be considered a Plus if you are

  • Comfortable with Notebook-based research and development (DataBricks/ Jupyter/ Zeppelin)
  • Experience with data and model visualisation
  • Understand the concepts of data streaming, data pipelines and micro-service oriented architecture


How to apply

Send your application and CV to indicating the position you are applying for in the Object of the email.



Data Extraction Specialists

Location: Vilnius


We are looking for a number of talents for our Data Collection Team, which is in charge of the maintenance of our web crawlers/robots.

You will become a crucial member of our international Data Collection Team. Your job will include daily maintenance of our data collection, as well as, development of new internet crawlers/robots.


Daily Tasks

  • Maintaining and optimizing existing internet crawlers/ robots
  • Building new internet crawlers/ robots (XML/C#)
  • Quality Assurance on collected data


Skills and Requirements

  • You have a very structured and analytic way of working
  • Previous experience working with Regular Expressions will be considered a Plus
  • Experience with MS SQL and XML
  • Having a general knowledge of programming
  • Being persistent and keep up working till the task has been completed
  • Attention for details
  • Sound logical skills and a good understanding of existing scripts
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English


Good understanding of the following internet’s infrastructures will be necessary

  • Server/Client relations, Cookies, Sessions
  • HTTP communication, Response/Request and so on
  • HTML, URL/URI, Links, Forms


How to apply
Send your application and CV to indicating the position you are applying for in the Object of the email.