Senior Data Platform Engineer – Java/Scala/Others


Are you willing to help us scale up our business?

We are looking for TWO experienced Data Platform Engineers able to support us getting ahead of the scaling curve, so that we can deliver even better solutions and continue to be the leading competitive airfare intelligence provider.

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania), Copenhagen (Denmark) OR Krakow (Poland)


DevOps Engineer for Big Data


Are you willing to work and experiment with all the latest Big Data goodies?
From Hadoop to Spark, from Kafka to HBase

We are looking for a talented DevOps Engineer for our Data Platform Team.

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania), Copenhagen (Denmark) OR Krakow (Poland)


Senior Engineer for Cloud Solutions


Do working with Big Data goodies, such as Hadoop, Spark, and others sounds exciting for you?

We are looking for experienced Senior Engineer for Cloud Solutions who is interested in place another brick to development of our products dedicated for aviation industry.

Location: Krakow (Poland)


UX Designer


Are you a talented UX designer who wants to take our products and your career to the next level?

You thrive on UX challenges and have a desire to go the extra mile to create something extraordinary. In return, we give you lots of freedom to innovate and design amazing applications for our customers. You will join one of our cross-functional teams, where you will help us shape the UX and UI for web-based BI products aimed at the airline industry.

Location: Krakow (Poland)


Monitoring Team Lead


Do you want to work on monitoring of complex Big Data systems as well as co-designing tools and visualizations that show how Big Data pipelines work?

We are searching for an outstanding individual who wants to be the core of the Monitoring team. The position is to lead a team whose core competence is co-designing the monitoring and recovery tool as well as using the tools to deal with the system’s issues.

Location: Krakow (Poland)


System Administrator


Are you ready to bring our products to the next level?

We are looking for a System Administrator who will be responsible for the operation, setup and expansion of our services and servers!

Location: Copenhagen (Denmark)


Senior Data Scientist


Does modelling a billion data rows a day sound appealing to you?

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist for our Data Platform Team who appreciates great challenge and learning opportunities.

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania), Copenhagen (Denmark) OR Krakow (Poland)


Data Extraction Specialists


Are you ready to become a key player in our Data Collection Team?

We are looking for a number of experienced Data Extraction Specialists for our Data Collection Team. Your tasks will span from daily maintenance of our data collection to development of new internet crawlers.

Location: Vilnius (Lithuania)