March 15, 2016

Apache Spark training by Infare Lead Data Scientist at IT University of Copenhagen

We will be hosting together with IT University of Copenhagen and Big Data Denmark Meetup Group an open Apache Spark Training on the 15th March at ITU.
Our Lead Data Scientist will explain how to design and realise an extremely scalable data processing pipeline on Apache Spark. The talk will be based on the incredible accomplishments of our Data Platform Team, which in just 3 months created a pipeline able to effortlessly crunch 2.5 Billion airfare a day.



March 2, 2015

Infare launches Pharos, the Game Changer for airline revenue management and pricing

Today we have added a new product to our portfolio: Pharos, a cloud-based analytic tool developed to assist revenue, pricing managers and analysts with both day-to-day work and long term high-level decision-making processes.

Pharos integrates data collection, processing and visualisation into one single platform. Its live data updates, unmatched ease of use and information accuracy will enable you to take crucial decisions faster and more confidently. Pharos gives you access to both freshly collected and historical airfare information; this unique combination enables much deeper analysis of your competitors – far beyond simple fare benchmarking.



September 22, 2014

Infare receives for the third year in a row the Gazelle Award

The Gazelle Award is assigned by the Danish business newspaper Børsen on the basis of growth and profitability. This year 80,000 Danish companies have been included in the number of assessed candidates.

Over time the Gazelle Award has become a synonym for growth business and this month Infare has been elected for the third year in a row “Gazelle Company”.
The selection is done among the 560.000 limited companies registered in Denmark but only few of them are able to live up to the requisites.

The requirements that companies must meet to be elected are the following:

  • Have more than 1 million DKK in revenue
  • Have a positive primary result
  • Have shown a minimum of 100% growth over the past 4 years

As only 12% of the Gazelle Companies get named more than once, this third award represents a remarkably important accomplishment for our team.