April 25, 2017

Apache Spark training by Infare Lead Data Scientist in Krakow

Our Lead Data Scientist, Josef Habdank, will be the key speaker at the Extreme Apache Spark Meetup organised by the Group DATAKRK. Josef will explain how to design and realise an extremely scalable data processing pipeline on Apache Spark. The talk will be based on the incredible accomplishments of our Data Platform Team, which in just 3 months created a pipeline able to effortlessly crunch 2.5 Billion airfare a day.

Join us at Pauza in Garden to find out how to design an extremely scalable data processing pipeline on Apache Spark using tech such as: Spark Streaming, Scala, Kafka/Kinesis, Snappy, Avro, Parquet, HDFS/S3, Zeppelin.

Find out more about the Meetup.



October 25, 2016

Infare Lead Data Scientist among the speakers of the Spark Summit 2016

Josef Habdank, Infare Lead Data Scientist, will be among the speakers of the upcoming Spark Summit Europe, which will take place in Brussel on the 25-27 October.
Over 1200 engineers, analysts and scientists are expected to join the event for three days of intense learning.
Josef’s talk will focus on one of the success stories we are most proud of: the development of a Prediction-as-a-Service Platform which trains and predicts trends on 1 billion observed air prices daily. The machine learning framework the Team developed is used to predict airfares used as support tool for the Airline Revenue Management systems.



October 14, 2016

Infare Data Team will participate in the High Load Strategy Conference

Our Data experts will participate in the High Load Strategy Conference in Vilnius. They will join pros coming from over 100 different IT companies to talk Big Data and High Load.
The Conference, one of the Baltic’s most well-known events, will feature inspirational speeches and talks by world-leading experts.
Once again our Lead Data Scientist will present the experience of the INFARE Data Platform Team. If you happen to be in Vilnius, don’t miss it!