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    Full Pricing Insight on the Performance of 130.000+ Routes

    Altus is an Airfare Intelligence tool based on a historical database containing over 1 trillion of highly detailed airfares. Using Altus, you will access the World’s largest and most comprehensive historical airfare database.

    The high level of airfare transparency, consistency and accuracy results in extremely high information quality. In Altus, billions of airfares are turned into easy to analyse graphical representations. Altus supports in-depth analysis of airfares: from regional trends all the way down to individual carrier and even flight level.



Why Altus

Altus enables you to secure efficient allocation of resources for your Network Development activities.
Leverage the insight you get from Altus to create detailed business cases and route overviews for annual meetings with Airlines.
The risk associated with earnings on a yet unserved route is a crucial component in decision-making. Altus allows you to precisely assess the risk and volatility associated to new routes and markets.



World’s largest historical Airfare Database

Altus’ database contains 1 trillion highly detailed airfares and grows by roughly 2 billion airfares every day. It is based on a non-stop, round-the-clock data collection process targeting all high traffic routes. The largest historical pricing database at your fingertips.

Airfare Transparency


Altus’ transparency stems from the richness in detail of our airfare information. Information is available at individual flight level on each departure day and departure time. What’s more, it can be aggregated at Carrier O&D, and O&D level, allowing you to investigate O&D fare averages at individual carrier and flight level.

From Visualisation to Insight


Altus’ graphical interface makes it easy to understand what’s going on at both individual route and overall market level. Built with usability in mind, Altus’ displays support in-depth analysis and micro-level filtering. The insight you get from Altus can be immediately used to enhance business cases and secure safer network development.

Konstantin Dmitrienko

Konstantin Dmitrienko

Senior Engagement Manager / McKinsey & Company

We used Altus during one of our projects to work with a large complex historical data set. We have found Altus to be a simple and efficient tool for airfare monitoring and analysis. Altus provides access to a unique database through a user-friendly analytical interface.

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