For the past 18 years, we have monitored airline web fares 24-7 and thanks to the Data Feeds & Reporting System we have provided you with the necessary information to understand carrier pricing & revenue management strategies.

Our highly accurate customised data feeds (DFS) can be effortlessly integrated in all existing revenue management and pricing systems. 

Every day we search and collect fare information in exactly the same way for each airline for every monitored O&D delivering your data feeds and reports exactly when you need them.

This unmatched level of data accuracy enables meaningful analyses of competitor pricing strategies and fare availability on routes up until departure.


  • Infare Standard format
  • Navitaire SkyPrice
  • Sabre AirVision Revenue Manager
  • Sabre AirVision Fare Manager
  • Lufthansa Systems Rembrandt and Profit Line Price
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • PROS O&D
  • Aviator RM System
  • SITA Insight
  • Amadeus RMS

Furthermore, our Data Feeds can be customised to allow integration into your specific analysis system.


  • Raw data or lowest available fare per departure day combination (90 days forward, RT7 – 7 days minimum stay and OW) collected daily
  • Split of outbound/inbound components of an RT fare allowing comparison with a competitive OW fare – when not supported by the booking engine, RT/2 is used to facilitate the comparison
  • Gross and net fares
  • Business fares (available on request)
  • Point of sale
  • Domestic and international split feeds


We validate collected data on more than 45 separate criteria and an observed fare record must be complete on all points to be valid. Examples of validation are realistic price and tax range, appropriate currency, data element internal structure, etc.
Partially correct data is never delivered to customers and whenever inconsistencies are detected, web crawlers are adjusted and/or auto re-run.