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    Identify where, when and in what channels rate disparity issues arise

    Developed by our exclusive partner Air Cube, this proprietary tool employs Infare’s comprehensive airfare data to provide aggregated indicators of price disparity issues across your distribution channels.

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Why Channel Monitor

Channel Monitor is your turnkey solution to establish a level playing field across all airfare distribution channels. An intuitive cloud-based solution that identifies where, when and in what channels rate disparity issues arise, Channel Monitor allows you to address discrepancies with quantifiable evidence.

With its user-friendly interface, Channel Monitor lets you compare your best prices to those of your competitors’ in various distribution channels to fully understand how your fares stack up against the competition on their own websites, online travel agencies and metasearch engines – giving you the most comprehensive view of the market to make agile pricing decisions.


Bring price disparity into focus across your channels

Channel Monitor seamlessly provides a high-level overview of your rate disparity occurrences by channel. Its dynamic key parity indicators let you track how often disparities occur and understand by how much on and in which channels & markets violations occur.

Detailed disparity evidence list

Using Channel Monitor’s intuitive dashboards, seamlessly drill down to a fully detailed list of disparity occurrences. Quickly set-up automated alerts and obtain customised downloadable reports in just a few clicks. Utilising Infare’s trusted and verified data, Channel Monitor provides immediately actionable insight to deliver tangible results to improve rate parity across all your distribution channels.

Benchmark competitors on retail channels

With Channel Monitor, you can instantly see how your prices compare to your competitors’ prices on your retail partners’ websites. Get accurate and timely information to push your promotional fares on selected partners’ sites at the right time and the right price.

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