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    I‌nstantaneous insight on your prices in comparison to those of your competitors

    By using Infare’s Airfare Big Data, our partner, Air Cube has developed Airline PPS which allows you to monitor your airline’s prices against competition intuitively and take action immediately.

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Why Airline PPS

Airline PPS offers instantaneous insight on your prices in comparison to those of your competitors, enabling you to see very quickly if your prices are higher, lower or matching competition per region, per country and even down to each market.

Airline PPS is a unique and intuitive product which can serve all levels of your organisation. With prices updated daily, analysts can closely monitor how their prices are positioned, effortlessly identify price gaps and take action to adjust.


Consistency across your Organisation

Airline PPS offers aggregation and drill-down capabilities to support all your organization, from top management to individual pricing analysts. Convenient and time-saving, it also ensures full consistency across your organization.

Agility in your Pricing Decisions


Airline PPS is customised to take into consideration the network specificities that you define, thus allowing for a bespoke and pertinent data aggregation. Analyse at Network or Region level how your prices are positioned and instantly pin-point the markets where prices need to be adjusted.

Flexitbility and instant Alerts

With Airline PPS you can select, drill and filter to create your customized views and then download them in the desired format. You can also quickly access your saved views with refreshed data whenever you like, or even set-up recurring alerts to receive them directly in your mailbox if you so wish.

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