Altus gives you access to over 10 years of detailed historical airfares and enables you to conduct in-depth analysis to understand routes profitability.


Altus has been designed on the basis of a drill-down approach, which supports the conversion of incredible amount of data into intuitive graphical representations and ready-to-use information.


The unmatched breadth and depth of available data, the multiple analytic views and the possibility to conduct analysis at flight level make Altus the ultimate tool when evaluating whether to open new routes and enter new markets, as well as, when considering new opportunities.





Altus’ database contains 1 trillion of highly detailed airfares and grows by roughly 2 billion observations every day. It is based on a non-stop, round-the-clock data collection process targeting all high traffic routes.



Use Altus to understand airfare behaviour, level and volatility, thus being able to effortlessly assess the profitability of over 80.000 routes in a few clicks.



Altus’ settings support innumerable analysis possibilities. Investigate carrier issues all the way down to individual flight level, compare flights frequency across different months, days or even hours and much more.


Dijana Radic Milosevic

Dijana Radic Milosevic

Senior Analyst / Copenhagen Airport

Infare data delivers very detailed airfare information, which we are able to use in our forecasting and route development business. Among other things, access to Infare’s databases has helped us in understanding the patterns and trends in airfare development over time and across destinations and carriers. In addition to this, we have also received an excellent client service support along the way.

Konstantin Dmitrienko

Konstantin Dmitrienko

Senior Engagement Manager / McKinsey & Company

We used Altus by INFARE during one of our projects to work with a large complex historical data set. We have found Altus to be a simple and efficient tool for airfare monitoring and analysis. Altus provides access to a unique database through a user-friendly analytical interface